Monitoring we truly need

Let's have a clarity over our application landscape. With Whoops Monitor, we can easily track the status of anything we want, from simple domain to complicated check we create.

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Perfect tool for everyone.

There are many tools for monitoring from the network, across the hardware, and ending with web apps. Whoops Monitor works just differently!



You can use already existing checks like "Is my web alive?", "How many messages do I have in RabbitMQ?" or even write your own.



You can send all check results right to some other service. Like e-mail address, to the Slack, Discord, or even send an SMS.



All sensitive data are encrypted. You also run Whoops Monitor easily on your infrastructure. We genuinely do our best to keep your work more secure.

Dashboard with latest info.

You get a quick view of what's the status of your entire ecosystem. You can share the dashboard with people in your company, and they do not need to log in.

Preserve history

At least the one you care about. You get statistics in the frame of the last 30 days with details of every check's run. Details of every failure and success.

Whoops Monitor

A monitoring tool that gives you clarity over your application landscape.

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